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Kassia graduated in early 1980s from Hong Kong Polytechnic’s Department of Industrial Design and worked as an electronic product design consultant. In 2006 she started a diploma course of Chinese Painting in The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education, majored in landscape and figure painting. After graduating she continued contemporary cityscape painting under the tutelage of Mr. Hung Hoi. In 2013, she completed the Master of Fine Arts program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, conferred in conjunction with the Hong Kong Art School, and was then invited by the RMIT University to annually run an artist talk to MFA and BA students on her graduation project 'Ma Wan Landscape: ‘from Distance and Up Close’. It was this thesis that has also been took as study case, and collected by the library of The Hong Kong University and Asia Art Archive.


Currently, Ko is the secretary of the Chinese Ink Painting Institute Hong Kong, member of China Female Artists’ Painting Association and Hong Kong Artists Association. She is a volunteer ink instructor & committee member of the Young Artists Development Foundation (HK).  Ko is invited as the member of assessor board of Ink Global 2020. After curated her first solo ink exhibition 〈Imprint〉 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in 2014 and 〈Impression+意象〉  at Ink Asia Hong Kong in 2017, her artworks  has been  featured at art events in Hong Kong(Art Basal, Ink Asia, Fine Art Asia, Art Central), Shenzhen,  Guangzhou, Shanghai, London, Melbourne, Singapore and St. Petersburg as well as various private collections.  

杏娟 80 年代在香港理工學院畢業,主修工業設計。2008 年完成香港大學專業進修學院的中國繪畫文憑班,主修山水畫和人物畫,課程後繼續隨熊海老師研習現代城市水墨,2013 年完成澳洲墨爾本皇家學院和香港藝術學院聯辦的藝術碩士學位, 畢業後每年被邀請為學士生及碩士生主講畢業論文〈馬灣: 既遠且近〉,論文被立入學習頃目,及由香港大學圖書館和亞洲藝術文獻庫收藏。

現為中國畫學會香港秘書長,中國女畫家協會和香港美協會員,義務任〈藝育菁英〉理事和現代水墨工作坊導師。被邀請為水墨大展 2020 評審委員。2014 年在香港文化中心策劃首個個人水墨創作展〈流. 影〉,2017年在水墨藝博香港策劃第二個個展〈Impression+意象〉作品多次參加在香港的巴塞爾藝術展、水墨藝博、 典亞藝博、 Art Central; 及深圳、廣州、上海、倫敦、墨爾本、星加坡、聖彼得堡等地舉行的展覽,作品被海內外多家藝術機,國際酒店及私人收藏。

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